SODA (SOnification of DAta) is an open source and generalist interactive sonification application. SODA is designed to sonify and explore learning analytics data based on users preference.


Only a specific type of data can be sonified: Soda expect time series data, i.e. a collection of observations obtained through repeated measurements over time. Your datafile must have at least one column that may be used as a timestamp for the time series.


Soda will look at each row in your dataset, and based on the encoding you select, it will generate notes for each row. Tracks produce notes, and each track will produce no more than one note each row.
Each track can be customized: you can change their overall volume (or gain), their instrument, their encoding, their offset, etc.
Multiple tracks must be created if you want to have sophisticated, rich music. Tracks do not need to create notes for every row. Depending on your encoding, some tracks may be mostly mute.


GutHub Project


Sanchez, E., & Sanchez, T. (2019). Let’s Listen to the Data : Sonification for Learning Analytics. In B. Eagan, M. Misfeldt, & A. Siebert-Evenstone (Éds.), Advances in Quantitative Ethnography (p. 189‑198). Springer International Publishing.

Sonification of the data from the game Tamagocours