Les travaux menés dans le cadre du projet LETS Learning Lab ont donné lieu à une publication co-signée par l’ensemble des membres du projet :
Sanchez, E., Paukovics, E., Cheniti-Belcadhi, L., El Khayat, G., Said, B., & Korbaa, O. (2021). What do you mean by learning lab? Education and Information Technologies. Springer

Digital and innovation competencies are nowadays highly required for students and faculty members in higher education institutions. We therefore need environments that incubate innovative learning scenarios to develop these competencies. We conducted a design-based research with the dual objective to develop learning labs in four universities and to document the design and implementation process and the addressed challenges. In this paper, we describe the concept of learning lab and the process of its setting up based on the experiments and observations conducted in the four learning labs in Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Switzerland. A learning lab is defined as a physical, digital and human space for observation, experimentation and evaluation, to rethink and enrich learning and teaching attitudes and practices at the university. A learning lab is an incubator of pedagogical innovation and digital learning structured on three dimensions: spaces, activities and communities. We also identify the main challenges for the design and implementation of a learning lab. These challenges consist of the institutionnalisation of the learning lab and building, growing and nurturing a learning community.

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